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2013-10-24 15:39:32 by Musicious

Today I finished the recording of "Can you feel the love tonight" from "The Lion King" :)
I hope you will like it!

The Lion King

2013-10-20 09:28:13 by Musicious

Hello community!

I'm working on "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from "The Lion King". I am going to upload it on Thursday. I hope you like it.



2013-10-18 07:57:40 by Musicious

Mozart's Sonate Es-Dur KV 282 is recorded. :)
I hope you'll enjoy it :)


2013-10-10 16:57:42 by Musicious

At the moment I am working on a new piano cover by MOZART.
I am working hard for the reason that you will like it.
I will upload it in the near future. :)

First songs

2012-04-16 03:21:18 by Musicious

Hey! Look at my first songs - Dream and Sonata Nr.13 Haydn.
This new post I will dedicate to thank Mac-Pherson for this brilliant idea and for recording. Thanks a lot! :)
So, check it out and have fun!